Internal logistics

In our internal logistics services, we become part of the customer company’s production at the customer company’s premises. We ensure that goods and components move in a timely manner in the process and that your company’s employees can focus on successfully performing their own job.

We have expertise and experience in various internal logistics solutions and processes. We utilize only the best practices and operating models in our service solutions.

A comprehensive partner for internal logistics and material flow management

Internal logistics is the management of material flows from the handling of incoming goods to the workstation and from there all the way to shipment. Our internal logistics services cover recalling, receiving, collecting, packaging and shipping, as well as other procurement and material handling services. 

We take full control of the customer company’s material and information flows. We take care of the receipt, shelving, transfer, collection and packaging of your company’s materials flawlessly and promptly. We bring the necessary products and parts to the production line on time. We are responsible for ensuring that you have adequate resources in accordance with your production cycle.

How can we help You with your company’s material and information flows?

Our internal logistics services cover recalling, receiving, collecting, packaging and shipping, as well as other procurement and material handling services.

Outsourcing of internal logistics

Outsourcing is a decision that requires the partner to have unique know-how and professionalism. We have extensive experience in successful takeovers of logistics and packaging. We have also standardized business transfer processes, as well as project and risk management. 

In cooperation with our customer, we will create a systematic program for the development of logistics operations, so that the customer can focus on its core business and its further development in the future. We take care of the logistics.

Savings and transparency

According to numerous studies, the cost savings of outsourcing are in the range of 10-20 % per year. HUB logistics’ outsourcing services offer the customer not only savings but also operational flexibility. 

It is possible to add customer-specific, customized services to the service package according to customer needs. Our service model and development goals are based on performance-based pricing, which means that the costs of logistics operations become truly variable and transparent. Transparency is achieved in, among other things, maintenance costs, space costs, personnel costs and investment costs for logistics equipment.

Development of internal logistics in cooperation with the customer

It is important for us to continuously develop our customers’ supply chain management. The goal of the customer-specific development program is to reduce total supply chain costs, improve service quality and increase the value of our service to our customers.

We have developed a systematic approach to continuous improvement to ensure results.

We have standardized our customer-specific performance metrics. The metrics are used e.g. to measure and compare business and operational activities and to assess our ability to add value to the business and operations in cooperation with our customers.

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