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Dispatch co-ordinator Samu Tura HUB logistics

Dispatch co-ordinator Samu Tura takes care that all shipments from HUB’s unit in Kotka leave at the right time to the right place. Work is responsible and workdays are hectic at times, but Samu does not mind – vice versa. These factors actually keep up the interest.

Samu Tura started working at HUB logistics Kotka unit in 2014. He came in via practical training. He was studying logistics in the local vocational school, and it was time to find an internship. He got a hint that there might be something available at HUB logistics. A two-month internship was arranged and Samu seized the opportunity. After internship, Samu accepted the permanent job he was offered, as it was possible to combine both studying and a full-time job successfully.

”I came to HUB via staff leasing and I was employed by a recruitment company for the first year, before I was employed by HUB. At the beginning of my internship I assisted in packaging. An experienced colleague taught me for two weeks and then I got work independently.” Samu tells.

Samu has worked for HUB logistics for nearly eight years now. He has done several different things at various departments. From packing spare parts to driving forklift, from receiving and collecting to shipping and from inspecting outbound goods to warehouse team lead.

“I have worked at HUB logistics my whole working career and quite a lot I have achieved so far. My current job is a dispatch coordinator. I am responsible for all shipments leaving worldwide from our unit. I work closely with our client. They provide me information about shipments and I prepare them so that they are good to go together with my HUB-colleagues. I guide truck drivers to the right terminal and address which shipments go to which transport.”

During the years, Samu has attended education and training that employer has organized. For example, first-aid course and work safety course are in completed. Samu has never hesitated to take more responsibilities and new work tasks.

”I am interested to learn new things. It is important to educate further, and I am always willing to attend courses when there is a chance. Naturally you also learn by doing and I have learned a lot during my years at HUB. I completed basic studies in logistics to which I have gained better knowledge in working life. At the moment, I am familiarizing to production planning, so something new is coming up again. When I learn production planner’s job, I gain better understanding of our processes wholly.”

Hectic working day, co-operation with different people and responsible job keep up the interest

Dispatch co-ordinator’s working days are never alike. Every day is a bit different to another. Big projects are known well in advance and weekly operations can be planned beforehand according to them. Daily rhythm is formed by transportation schedules. It is this variation in daily work that Samu considers being one of the best things in his work.

”I played football when I was younger, and I am rather lively person. Therefore, a job which includes moving around is perfect for me. I have not counted how many steps I take during one day, but there is quite a few. I like it that you never know what the day brings.

Dispatch co-ordinator needs to be precise and attentive. Shipments need to depart at the right time to the right place. Samu tells that it is possible to develop own work and find best practices to succeed – not to forget the fluent and good co-operation with the client.

”I work closely with our client. Their team is small and over the years it has been possible to get to know them personally. I think it is good to know them well and it makes working a lot easier when you get along well.”

With good humour to the future

HUB’s unit in Kotka is small and staff members know each other well. There is a good team spirit and good energy in the way things are going.

”In our unit good humour is combined with professional work atmosphere. We work together and we have a supportive working community. When you put humorous people together, the result cannot be anything but good! At the moment we are looking forward to the future as we are working on a project to build a new logistics center. I am eager to see what the future brings. Logistics will always be needed and I believe that HUB logistics will keep up in the competition and development. New logistics center is a big investment and we can’t wait for it to build up.”

In addition to the good team spirit, Samu praises communication between HUB’s units.

”Over the past years communication between HUB’s units has improved a lot. You do not have to hesitate to contact other units if you have problems, challenges or any issues you need to solve. You can always consult colleagues, ask for second opinions or get ideas how things are done in other units. I think it one of the best things to solve problems and develop together.” Samu sums up HUB’s positive features.

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