Sustainability work

Responsibility and sustainable development are key parts of our business. We want to do our part to protect the environment. 

As part of our business, we adhere to the UN’s sustainable development goals for 2016–2030.

We set environmental goals for each of our units. We encourage our employees to live sustainably. Our staff working at our customers locations respect local operational policy and support our customers quality- and environmental related goals and targets. 

Every HUB employee’s goal is to learn and develop personally in quality- and environmental issues. Our common target is to make continuous improvements. We set both group level goals as well as individual goals set by branches. The outcome is evaluated with quality- and environment indicators.  

Environmental sustainability  

Logistics has an impact on our environment and society. Our status in the service chain is meaningful also for the environment. We choose to make sustainable choices every day. We believe that each and every small choice matters. All small acts put together form a bigger entity that has an impact on our environment and climate. Recycling, waste separation and our way of working within the logistics chain are important to us in our daily work. 

We follow all regulations set to operations and environment by legislation and thereby engage in preventing environmental spoilage. Together with our customers we seek to find best practices in logistics guidance, recycling and in waste treatment. We constantly seek to reduce our emissions and support our customers in this work as well. We prefer to use recycled materials and renewable energy. 

Examples of our environmental work:  

  • Our own outlets use 100% renewable energy.
  • The wood material we source is PEFC-certified.
  • We use solar power in our Hakkila logistics centre.

Economical sustainability 

We aim to profitability by meeting our stakeholders’ expectations. We act as a trustworthy business partner. We have outlined in our procurement policy to purchase high-quality raw materials, products and services that are certified and meet our standards.  

We make the effort to source sustainable raw materials, subcontracting materials and products for our services. For example, the wood material we source is PEFC-certified 

We support domestic and local companies by purchasing their products whenever possible.  

Responsibility and sustainable development are key parts of our business.

Social responsibility  

We want to offer an equal work environment to all our employees. Accepting diversity and respecting one another are highly important to us. You can be 100% yourself in HUB.  

Wellbeing and positive atmosphere are necessities in succeeding. We focus on welcoming our employees to work every day. 

We make donations to charity regularly. Improving wellbeing of children, youth and elderly people as well as supporting sports and physical education are on our charity programme We for example donated computers and mobile phones to needy families together with our IT-partner.

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