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HUB logistics Finland Oy and its subsidiaries (‘Company’)
Business ID: 1637626-4
Vanha Porvoontie 256b, FI-01380 VANTAA
tel. +358 29 080 0600 (switchboard)

Contact person(s) in matters related to the register

Markku Valpas,, +358 29 080 0600 (switchboard)

Name of the register

HUB logistics Finland Oy and subsidiaries customer, marketing and recruitment register.

Purpose of processing personal data

We process personal data to be able to provide our services, products and job opportunities in the best way possible.

We use the data we collect for the following purposes:

  • provision of services and products, and marketing
  • customer service, and orders
  • development of products and services
  • management and processing of job applications

Information content of the register

The following information is stored in the register:

  • basic details (name, e-mail address, phone number, organisation)
  • information related to transactions on our websites (incl. cookies)
  • your contacts with our customer service (incl. complaints, inquiries)
  • information reported by the job applicant, such as CV and job application

Regular sources of information

With regard to data, regular sources of information for the register include:

information reported and provided by the customer;

  • basic details (name, e-mail address, phone number, organisation)
  • contacts with our customer service

information reported by the job applicant and other details on job-seeking;

  • details provided by the job applicant
  • information provided by references
  • information provided by recruitment consultants
  • health information

other sources of information;

  • Google Analytics;
  • social media channels;
  • we can purchase information from third parties that supplement the customer information (incl. public registers maintained by the authorities);
  • security clearances

Cookies and other similar technology

A cookie is a file that a browser saves on a terminal device used. Cookies include a unique identifier that helps identify users who visit websites.

Cookies and the data collected with them are used for analyzing the use and usability of websites, marketing, for improving security, and for developing the service.

Visitors to websites give their consent for the use of cookies, or they can be prevented from the settings of the browser.

Regular disclosures of information

We do not disclose customer information to third parties. The exceptions include the following:

  • approved third parties who process personal data and to whom data can be disclosed in accordance with applicable legislation
  • information related to the development and reporting of operation from which individuals cannot be identified
  • disclosure of information related to suspected offences to the authorities.

Details on job applicants are disclosed to a client during individual cases of recruitment.

Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

Data contained in the registers will not be disclosed outside the EU or the EEA.

Principles on protection of the register

We ensure the protection of data contained in the registers with appropriate technical and organizational protective measures. We protect the data by different physical and electronic means, and with personnel training and various guidelines.

However, transfer of data across a public network (the Internet) is never completely secure. Although we endeavour to protect data contained in the registers by all reasonable means, we cannot guarantee the information security of the data you send to your website, so sending such data is at the sender’s responsibility. After we have received data, we endeavour to prevent unlawful use of the registers by means of our information security practices and technical protection.

Right of verification and rectification

A data subject has the right to verify what data concerning him or her has been stored in the registers. At the request of a data subject, we rectify and supplement the personal data if necessary, or we delete data that are inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated in terms of the purpose of processing.

HUB logistics is obliged to authenticate the identity of the data subject, so the aforementioned requests for data can be answered.

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