Supply chain consulting services

HUB’s supply chain consulting services help our customers to develop their internal logistics. Our LEAN-cultured specialists ensure that customers’ internal logistics, resources and warehouse management systems are properly dimensioned and the desired cost-effectiveness goals are reached.

Our supply chain specialists at your service

We can plan every stage of the process for you, including production, warehouse management and supply chain development. We have lots of experience in utilizing LEAN-tools, which guarantees our customers better warehouse circulation and throughput times.

We use Spend-analyzes, which are utilized for detecting opportunities for cost-effectiveness. In addition to this, we are an expert in IT systems for warehouse management and reporting.

Our supply chain consulting services
help you to develop your internal logistics.

Consultations turnkey service

With HUB’s consulting service you will get a professional view of your company’s current state, development targets, and what to focus on in the future.

We will create a logistics roadmap for your company to help you increase the efficiency of your entire supply chain. We are using the best and most effective methods for resource analysis, such as MOST and PIT.

We will also assist you with a demanding re-resourcing project with our TRAP tool.

Automation, digitalization and intelligence are developing logistics strongly right now.

Benefits from material flow

Free movement of material is an absolute prerequisite for an effective process. HUB has years of experience in logistics and material flow planning. When material flow is used in its full potential and used together with strategically placed work and value-adding stations, simplified movements and carefully planned way of working, it will help you reach your desired outcome.

Thorough material flow analysis creates efficiency without compromising the quality of the process.

Interested in increasing the efficiency of your supply chain?

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