A strong vision and faith in one’s own activities move the entrepreneur forward

Aarno Törmälä, Founder of HUB logistics

Aarno Törmälä founded HUB logistics already 30 years ago. Törmälä’s entrepreneurship stems from the family circle and has accompanied him throughout his life. Already at school age, he distributed advertisements and worked as a janitor’s deputy.

–  I believe that my entrepreneurship comes from my own parents and grandparents. My father had a company that manufactured billboards and I often accompanied my father on sales and installation trips around Finland. I saw up close what business operations are like and what it requires. Even as a child and youth, I was enterprising and eager to work.

In Törmälä’s opinion, entrepreneurship requires a strong vision and firm belief in one’s own actions.

–  Education and knowledge of the industry are important factors. In addition, the work must feel meaningful to oneself. Entrepreneurship requires hard work, perseverance and faith in one’s own doing. Searching for and developing new operating models together with the staff are the key in my opinion. Besides all this, a touch of luck is not a bad thing.

As the owner, the responsibility for the company is always present

According to Törmälä, inspiration for business comes from participation, involvement and success. You don’t have to invent everything yourself, but new ideas and operating models can be born by combining different things.

– Developing operations is continuous study and getting to know new fields and technologies. Then you have to be bold enough to try them out. I’ve always been a bit of a Gyro Gearloose and a visionary who likes to test new models of thought and action. In the trainings I held for the staff, I urged them to do things differently from time to time – you shouldn’t stick to habits. By deviating from the familiar formula, you can find new ideas and perspectives. At HUB, we have applied this principle and found countless new ways of working.

As the main owner of the company, Törmälä feels that the responsibility for the operation is always present. He served as the company’s CEO for a long time and was used to working with “hands in clay” for years. The current role as the chairman of the board allows more time to think about the larger whole with the future of the company in mind.

– As the owner, the responsibility for the company is always present, even though I am no longer involved in the operational activities. The heaviest burden of responsibility is always financial responsibility. The effect of the economy on the personnel is very direct in the service business. This sometimes brings a very heavy obligation to the entrepreneur. Yes, it goes that way, that entrepreneurship takes a lot, but also gives a lot.

The place as a pioneer in internal logistics has been redeemed over the course of 30 years

In Törmälä’s opinion, HUB logistics has found its place in the industry during the past 30 years. We have learned from mistakes and missteps and our eyes are always directed forward.

– We have tried a lot and all kinds of things. I believe that in the future, too, we will look at new opportunities with an open mind and test different technologies, however, focusing on the core competence according to the strategy and the priority areas defined in the strategy. As stated in our mission – we change logistics with new service innovations. All the experience and know-how we have accumulated, we have the opportunity to surprise our customers again and again in a positive way, Aarno Törmälä sums up.

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