Changes in the Board of HUB logistics Group

Sari Hakkarainen HUB logistics

Sari Hakkarainen has been selected as a new member of the Board of HUB logistics Group and Iiku Törmälä as a Board observer. Also serving as members of the Board are Chairman Aarno Törmälä, Juha Saarinen and Pekka Ahlajärvi as a board observer.  

Sari Hakkarainen (M.Sc.) has extensive experience in the field of logistics and is already familiar with HUB logistics as a company. Hakkarainen was employed by HUB logistics from 2005 to 2008 as Director of Business Operations, responsible for sales, productization and services related to procurement logistics. Hakkarainen is currently working in Lantmännen Unibake’s group procurement and is responsible for material procurement internationally. Prior to that, she has worked in several procurement management positions for Fazer, Terveystalo and Vaasan Oy, among others.

– HUB has grown and developed a lot in 15 years. HUB is definitely a professional in its field and a reliable partner for customers. Competence and the ability to provide the services that customers need are clear strengths. It exudes in everything in a positive way, says Hakkarainen.

The cornerstones of a successful business

According to Hakkarainen, the cornerstones of a successful company are a clear focus of the business, the ability to innovate and skilled and committed personnel. A clear strategy and the ability to boldly innovate guide the company forward, but the staff cannot be ignored at any stage. The personnel are involved in doing and implementing the company’s business, and being the basis of all operations. Together, these factors form the basis for profitable growth that serves owners, stakeholders and employees alike.

– I feel that HUB has good potential for growth. A lot of development work is being done and there is a desire to develop, sustainability work has been started and the strategy has been sharpened during the current year. Overall, it’s great to come back to HUB’s operations in a slightly different role. I expect to be able to get involved in sparring strategic priorities and bring my own experience to what is happening in HUB at the moment, sums up Hakkarainen.

Iiku Törmälä as a Board observer

Iiku Törmälä (BSc.) has joined HUB logistics’ Board of Directors as a Board observer.  Törmälä, who works for M7 Real Estate Finland Oy in the real estate sector, has been familiar with HUB for many years. He has done summer and part-time work at HUB logistics in addition to his studies, so the business areas have become familiar to him from a very practical level.

– I have been following the growth and development of HUB for years, and I definitely see agility as one of the strengths of HUB. We are able to serve a wide customer base. The Hakkila logistics center is a really great resource, says Törmälä.

HUB logistics Iiku Törmälä
Iiku Törmälä

Iiku Törmälä has been selected to join the Board of the HUB logistics Group as a Board observer.

According to Törmälä, a successful business needs skilled and motivated staff and the right kind of product for the customer’s needs.  Törmälä believes that customer-oriented business is very important. According to him, the company should listen to the customer with a sensitive ear and design products and services to meet customer demand. Measuring customer satisfaction and listening to customer wishes are important elements. By working together with the customer, it is possible to achieve the best results.

– My work experience is in the real estate industry – real estate management services and real estate asset management. I believe that experience in this area will also benefit HUB. I am able to bring new and fresh ideas and perspectives to the work done by HUB’s Board of Directors.  I am excited to start working with them. It is great to get involved in HUB’s activities through Board work, Törmälä summarizes.

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