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E-commerce is growing in popularity year by year. Last year in particular, the corona pandemic increasingly steered Finns to online shopping. To support successful e-commerce, companies need quality partners and well-functioning supply chains.

Finns have been shopping online for several years now. A recent digital trade survey carried out by the Federation of Finnish Commerce shows that, for example, the digital purchase of retail products increased by 22 per cent last year and the number of active digital buyers in Finland clearly increased.

With the pandemic, more and more Finns are shopping online and the network is establishing its position as a shopping channel. According to a report by the Federation of Finnish Commerce, in addition to groceries, books, home furnishings, household appliances, household goods, cosmetics and pet products were bought online more often than before.

Outsourcing e-commerce logistics to a professional brings savings

Growing consumer demands for product delivery times are increasing the pressure on the online retailer. The success of e-commerce is affected by the logistical process specified by the company for purchasing, warehousing and delivery. The order-delivery process must be thought through to the end, from the click leading to the customer’s purchase to when the product is in the customer’s hand.

Outsourcing e-commerce logistics is one of the keys to success. Maintaining and managing your own inventory requires a lot of resources. When handled by professionals, logistics run smoothly and the company can focus on its own core competencies. When handled by a logistics partner, the products are delivered to the customer in the agreed manner and on schedule. Successful logistics behind e-commerce affects a company’s profitability.

Warehousing service for online stores of all sizes from HUB

HUB logistics’  warehousing services are suitable for online stores of all sizes – both large and small volumes. The advantages of our automated warehouse in particular are order-delivery accuracy as well as fast collection times and the time savings it brings in the order-supply chain.

The storage, collection, packaging and forwarding of products to the customer are carried out with high quality and reliability through standardized processes. A reliable inventory management system, agile integrations and interfaces with the customer’s systems ensure that logistics outsourcing succeeds effortlessly.

E-commerce deliveries nationwide to parcel lockers are also part of our services. HUB’s services are built to support customers holistically, from receiving materials, storing and sending goods to the end customer. Having a comprehensive partnership and well-functioning cooperation is definitely an advantage for the online retailer.

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