High-quality wooden packaging delivers the products intact

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The need for durable wooden packaging stems from the diverse needs of companies. One needs sealed transport packages for their products, while the other prefers a lighter pallet. Transporting the products to their destination intact is the common denominator in any case, and high-quality wooden packaging makes this possible.

At HUB’s wood packaging services in Tampere, we produce thousands of wood packaging every year, mainly for industrial customers operating in the Pirkanmaa area. We have been manufacturing wooden packaging since 2016, and in a few years our operations have grown steadily.

We manufacture many types of packaging, for example special-sized pallets, crate packaging and sea containers. We specialize in large-sized and especially long packages, which we are well equipped to produce. The most special package we have made is a transport package the size of an average summer house. The package of services provided to the customer also included a packaging service, i.e. protection and packaging of the product. This was an interesting project to implement.

Worth investing in wooden packaging

So why should companies invest in durable and high-quality wooden packaging? Wooden packages are fundamentally very durable, and they withstand shocks and vibrations caused during the journey. In addition, they provide good weather protection for the products.

With years of experience, we can say that it is possible to manufacture wooden packages in many different sizes. Products from small series-produced boxes to individual ten-meter wooden boxes have left our wood workshop. Wooden packaging can be customized according to customer needs, both in terms of shape and size, which makes wooden packaging a really flexible option for transporting products.

The key to flexibility is careful packaging design. We have our own packaging designer who designs the products from the beginning. We draw technical pictures for the customer, what kind of packaging could be suitable for the customer, after which we discuss the proposed solution. After this, a prototype is made, with which we test the functionality of the packaging for the customer’s product.

All in all, wooden packaging is the right choice for companies that want to transport products safely, cost-effectively and environmentally friendly.

What should be taken into account when choosing a package?

When choosing a package, you should consider the mode of transport and the length of the transport distance. The more valuable the product, the more carefully it should be packed in order to remain intact during the entire transport journey. It is also worth considering the possible storage of the product, if it is not unloaded immediately.

One consideration is also the end user’s point of view: who unpacks and under what conditions. Is it necessary to make the package in such a way that it can be handled and opened from several different directions? Through experience, we have also found that the recycling possibilities of the product should be taken into account.

Wooden packaging as transport packaging is a good option when the transported product is heavy and the transport distance is long. In this case, for example, a cardboard box is not the most optimal option, because it cannot withstand wear and tear during the trip. On a rainy day or during sea transport, the cardboard box gets wet and the product can therefore be spoiled or broken. Wooden packaging withstands long journeys and transfers from one means of transport to another in completely different ways.

At HUB, we have been manufacturing wooden packaging for a long time and experience has taught us that there is no single right solution, but packaging is manufactured listening to the customer and precisely tailored. Contact us if you need a professional Wooden packaging manufacturer! That’s what we’re here for.





Heidi Haverinen
The head of the Tampere unit, who gets excited easily and tackles development tasks with such energy that inspires colleagues.


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