HUB logistics participates Down a degree-campaign

HUB logistics takes part in Down a degree-campaign

HUB logistics takes part in the national Down a degree-campaign, the goal of which is to get at least 95% of Finns to take energy measures and achieve permanently lower energy consumption in the long term.

HUB promotes energy efficiency by lowering the internal temperature of the Vantaa logistics center, optimizing daily utility electricity and optimizing the ventilation of the Riihimäki wood packaging unit. The measures have already been found to have an effect on electricity consumption in the short term. In addition, the staff is encouraged to do daily energy activities.

– We organized an internal campaign lasting October, the goal of which was to find suitable energy saving methods both at the group level and on a unit-by-unit basis, and thus achieve permanently lower energy consumption in the long term, says Sampo Arppola, QHSE manager at HUB logistics.

Employees from eight different units participated in the campaign, and the campaign produced a total of more than 40 ideas for more energy-friendly operations. In Sampo Arppola’s opinion, the campaign was a great success and it brought a good number of implementable ideas to both HUB and our customers.

– It’s great that our staff is so actively involved in energy saving talks. The ideas presented in the campaign have been actively implemented and we share these ideas internally. HUB has a strong culture of continuous improvement and an excellent way to channel development ideas around various current themes.

Responsibility as a basis for operations


HUB logistics invests in energy efficiency and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Green values ​​and sustainable development have guided HUB’s operations for a long time. The ISO14001 environmental certificate has been in use for 11 years already.

HUB’s energy work includes regular energy audits, which are used to identify potential challenges and find solutions for more energy-efficient operations.

– We use 100% renewable energy in all our own units. In the Vantaa logistics center, we also use solar energy. There are a total of 560 solar panels on the roof of our logistics center and about 17% of the logistics center’s annual energy needs are produced with solar energy, says Sampo Arppola.


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