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HUB logistics Jere Kortemaa

Site manager Jere Kortemaa is responsible for HUB’s Hämeenlinna unit. Open communication with own employees and customer representatives is required to keep things rolling.  

Jere started working for HUB in 2010. For couple of years he travelled to another city, but career at HUB continued again in 2015 when he returned to Hämeenlinna and started a summer job. Quickly he got a permanent job and later was named a site manager. During his career at HUB, he has worked in several positions: storeman, supervisor and the latest site manager since 2016.  

In Hämeenlinna HUB handles internal logistics in customer’s premises. Working hours follow customer’s production. Morning shifts are busyer and first shift comes to work already at six in the morning. Storage workers and supervisors work in the operational environment; handling incoming goods and packing along with other tasks. Supervisors guide employees to do their work tasks fluently, in the right place at the right time. 

As a site manager Jere is responsible for his unit.

In addition to personnel management, the site manager’s duties include the unit’s administrative duties from the payment of invoices to the processing of salaries – not forgetting customer cooperation.

Site manager enables efficient work

Working days are never the same and work assignments are versatile as a site manager Jere tells. Site manager updates HR-data, leads development projects and daily management and solves all kinds of problems.  

To be able to work successfully, site manager needs to understand the entirety, but also see the details and their relevance in the big picture. Noticing employees as individuals and trusting your team combined with skills to lead your employees is a key to successful management.  

”I think it is essential that processes work and you trust your staff. One of my most important duties is to enable my staff to work efficiently. I chat with my staff whenever it is possible. Communication is something you cannot emphasize too much.” Jere summarises.  

Jere got to plan and implement new working rotation between workstations. New method brings flexibility and helps resourcing in sudden situations. Jere tells that beating challenges and successful management of change are highly rewarding, but one should never forget smaller success-stories on daily basis.  

Fluent communication with customers forms a solid ground to co-operation

Besides human resources management, site manager is responsible for key account management. Client communication needs to be up to date and seamless. Information flow between workstations and organizations has be quick in order to keep client’s production in schedule.   

“I work closely with client’s logistics and production. Sometimes there are deviations in production, which we solve together with our client. I get to create our procedures and build communication with our client on all organizational levels.”  

Supportive atmosphere and professional education support wellbeing at work

Studying and education along with work have supported Jere’s professional growth. He has completed both degree in logistics and JET.  

”In my opinion supportive atmosphere and grasp of functions are the best things at HUB. I have had a chance to educate myself and move on my career. I feel that when you give something, HUB gives back. HUB encourages and supports to be active and courageous. It is allowed to be self-imposed and react quickly and spontaneously to arising situations.”  

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