Raute: Reliable partner for tailor-made wooden products

HUB logistics has produced tailored wooden products to Raute since 2019. Product range and production volumes have increased during partnership. Raute’s products require a unique layout to which traditional euro-pallet is not a solution. There are specific nuances that need to be noticed in planning and production. 

Raute respects open and easy communication with their partners. Flexibility and capability to react to sudden material requests are also important factors. 

“HUB understood our needs and was ready to respond to them. Our quality standards have been followed carefully and we have received high quality products. From the very beginning we felt that HUB works for their customers and their customer-oriented approach really places customer satisfaction to the core of their business.” tells Raute’s Joonas Huusko, Delivery Control Coordinator. 

Reliability of delivery as a key to success

As a supplier of mill-scale projects, Raute is a global market leader both in the plywood and LVL industries. It is highly important to deliver products to end customers as scheduled. Project work puts requirements for partners as well. 

“We have several ongoing projects at the same time. It is really important to receive the materials and goods in time and to be able use them in a timely manner. Late delivery of packing materials creates delays in our production and in the worst case, product delivery our own customers will be delayed. HUB has kept their delivery times extermely well. We appreciate their capability to respond to our urgent needs quickly.” sums up Janne Peippo, Delivery Control Coordinator. 

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