Ruukki relies on HUB logistics for internal logistics

Ruukki Construction reference

Ruukki Construction Oy manufactures steel-based construction products and services. Ruukki’s goal is to offer comprehensive steel-based roof and outer shell solutions for buildings implemented in accordance with sustainable development. Ruukki offers its customers comprehensive product deliveries, which also include design and technical support.

HUB logistics is responsible for the supply packaging operations of Ruukki’s Vimpel factory. We provide Ruukki with storage, collection, packaging and shipping services for roof security products and accessories, ceiling moldings and rainwater systems, as well as ordering and home delivery services for these products.

The cooperation has been done since 2013. Ruukki Vimpeli’s factory manager Tapio Videnoja is satisfied with the long-standing cooperation.

– We serve consumers and professionals, and for this reason situations can change quickly in weeks or even a few days. This requires agility and quick reaction also from the logistics partner, who must be able to flexibly adapt to sudden changes. HUB has grown with us, and one good example of this is the logistics center designed and built in cooperation with Vimpeli, which was commissioned in 2016.

According to Videnoja, differentiation based on a good customer experience is Ruukki’s key factor. By listening to customers’ needs and wishes and by investing in the development of digital solutions and services, Ruukki aims to streamline trading and bring the entire process closer to the customer.

– The customer gets everything he needs from us – both products and service. We want more and more strongly to move in the direction of a more comprehensive service. Through new digital channels, our customers can best follow the entire process: how the products are moving and at what stage the order is going. We bring better transparency towards our customers. Accordingly, we need transparency from our partners.

With outsourced logistics, resources for development

According to Videnoja, HUB logistics has been actively involved in developing the efficiency of Ruukki’s Vimpeli factory’s logistics operations and has had a positive impact on the quality of the supply chain and products with its know-how.

– Delivery reliability is a significant competitive factor for us, and it has been at a good level for a long time. Now quality defects have also decreased. We actively monitor quality feedback and take corrective measures. Thus, we are able to improve the quality of our service. It is important to us that the products are of high quality and that they are delivered to the customer in good quality all the way to the destination.

The logistics partner commits to common goals

It is important for Ruukki to find partners who are reliable and share common goals. One example could be the goal of reducing CO2 emissions related to sustainable development.

– We expect openness, a genuine desire to develop operations and commitment from our logistics partner. I consider it important that partners share the same goals. A certain kind of self-criticism and continuous development of one’s own activities are also important qualities. Together with HUB, we have developed many things together and clearly we also have similar goals and ambitions for the future.

HUB and Ruukki’s cooperation includes active communication. Daily meetings with the responsible persons ensure that information moves smoothly and up-to-date.

– HUB is always connected to the supply chain. Active meeting activities and quite close communication are the ways we ensure smooth operations. It is great that over the years we have been able to strengthen our cooperation even more, sums up Tapio Videnoja.


Ruukki Construction

Ruukki Construction manufactures steel-based construction products and services.

Ruukki’s products are used in walls and ceilings built in accordance with sustainable development. The company employs approximately 1,500 people, and production takes place in 11 factories. It works close to customers in 10 European countries and serves them with the Ruukki and Plannja main brands. The comparable turnover in 2021 was approximately EUR 590 million.

Ruukki is from Pohjola and part of SSAB, with which the company shares a common value base and long experience in the steel and construction industry. SSAB is a globally operating Nordic and American steel company with employees in more than 50 countries. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and secondarily on Nasdaq Helsinki. ,


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