We choose sustainability every day

Sustainability work at HUB logistics

Hub logistics has a long tradition of sustainability, and the principles of sustainable development have guided our operations for years. With the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, we are doing continuous, long-term work for more sustainable logistics, and we are constantly striving towards a low-emission future. This can be seen both in the rolling stock and in the close monitoring of electricity consumption. The Hakkila logistics center’s solar power plant was commissioned four years ago already, and over the years we have been able to produce an average of 16% of the logistics center’s annual energy needs with solar energy.

Climate change is real and everyone must participate in preventing it. The ISO14001 environmental system guides us in our environmental work: we identify the environmental impacts caused by our organization, we set goals and objectives to reduce environmental impacts. Certified quality systems guarantee the quality of our production, processes and operating models. We have had ISO certificates since 2011, and last year the certificates celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Strategy and sustainability work go hand in hand

Last year, we based our operations on our strategic goals of being the most capable and respected company in our industry and growing profitably together with our customers. As a responsible operator, our goal is to improve customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction and to develop our business operations through continuous improvement and new service innovations. All of this in accordance with the standards that guide our operations, taking environmental aspects and quality into account.

We invest a lot in development work and during the last year we launched several projects both internally and with our customers. Projects and development projects progressed according to plan in cooperation with our customers and partners.

Thanks to HUB’s competent and professional staff for the systematic promotion of projects. Competent, professional and well-being staff is HUB’s most important asset, and job satisfaction has a deserved place in responsible, strategic work. I would like to thank our employees for their work contribution in the second consecutive pandemic year.

Remote work continued and joint events were hardly organized during the past year. A good team spirit still emerges in our personnel survey. Daily encounters in working life are an important factor in getting along at work. Maintaining a good spirit in prolonged exceptional circumstances comes from each of us, and here our people from Hub are in a class of their own.

Development of sustainability work at group level

We have done a lot of good things for sustainability and our direction is right. Being ambitious, we want to make our responsibility work more goal-oriented. In 2021, we established a responsibility working group whose task is to define the levels and goals of responsibility at the group level. With the strength of the responsibility working group, we set out to review the current state of our operations and define future goals. The work on the responsibility program will continue during 2022 and when completed will become part of our everyday operations. As a result of our responsibility work, we want every Hub logistics employee to recognize and understand the meaning of our work even better.

Responsibility belongs to all of us and at Hub we choose responsibility every day. You can read about our sustainability work in the sustainability report we publish annually. (Report is published in Finnish only.)

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