Working at HUB: Logistics worker Marge Michelson

Varastotyöntekijä Marge Michelson työskentelee varastossa

Marge Michelson works at the Vantaa logistics center as a logistics worker. She started in spare parts logistics five years ago. Since then, she has learned new tasks at different workstations in the logistics center.

–  Duties include opening orders, collecting products from warehouses, packing and loading products, and receiving goods. Sometimes I also do inventory and help in the packing of the automatic warehouse.

–  In my core job, the work is physical. That’s why it’s a nice change to do sedentary work from time to time by helping, for example, with return processing, where the tempo of the work evens out a bit.

The versatility of the work keeps people interested

In Marge’s opinion, the work at the logistics center is varied and the working days are different. She describes the field of work as broad and versatile.

–  I started working in spare parts logistics, but after returning to work from maternity leave, I started by learning a new job. Later, I expanded my skills further. I now manage many different tasks and can move between different workstations during the working day as needed.

–  Learning something new is interesting, because in new tasks you have to manage processes, work tools and systems. With the expansion of my work tasks, I have learned to use a total of three different operating systems.

When she came to HUB, Marge also learned to drive a forklift. She mentions the counterweight forklift as her favorite.

–  Many different work tools have become familiar over the years. I can currently drive a high stacker, a counterbalance forklift and a pallet truck. Driving with a counterweight is my favorite. My coworkers know I could ride it all day. I would still like to learn how to drive a “pushman”, i.e. a push mast forklift. Then I would be able to expand my duties to the forklift team as well.

In addition to having learned many different tasks, Marge also trains new employees.

–  Training is a nice and interesting change from standard work. It’s great that I have the opportunity to guide new colleagues. I’m actually really excited when I get to share my know-how and show how things are done. At first, I show myself how to do something, and after that I give the other person a turn to try and learn. Everyone will eventually have their own style of doing things. I ask the trainees to tell me if they come up with an idea how to do the job better.

–  The versatility of the work keeps people interested. I want to learn new things and develop in my work. I think it’s great that there is an opportunity to expand the job description and that the employer also encourages it.

Flexibility, good team spirit and the opportunity to influence your own work

In the logistics center, work is done from morning to night. Marge praises the employer’s flexibility in combining work and family life.

–  I was a little nervous about returning to work after maternity leave, but it went smoothly and my changed life situation was taken into account. With the employer’s flexibility, I noticed that work and family life combined really well.

Good team spirit and the daily support of coworkers also receive thanks.

–  Pleasant coworkers and an immediate atmosphere are important factors in enjoying work. In our team, it is easy to ask a colleague for help and in turn offer help if you notice that the other person is in a hurry. There is always a good network of colleagues around.

Developing oneself and working methods are important things for Marge in working life. At HUB, she appreciates the opportunity to influence her own work.

–  I want to find ways to do my job better and more efficiently. There isn’t just one way to do things. Here you can influence your own work, make suggestions and come up with ideas. Through many small and large proposals, for example, work ergonomics have improved and easier solutions have been found for work steps. Physical work requires that the working conditions are in order. With HUB, suggestions for improvement can be made with a low threshold and it serves everyone when employees dare to make them.

–  I enjoy solving problems and I like to take on challenges. I want to develop further and move forward in my career by expanding my skills to, for example, managerial work. I feel that it is certainly possible at HUB, Marge Michelson summarizes her thoughts on what it is like to work at Hub.

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