Carlos Salinas – Supervisor

HUB logistics Supervisor Carlos Salinas

Supervisor Carlos Salinas works for HUB in Tampere outsourcing unit. He has a long career in logistics as he has been working in several logistics companies for already 19 years. Carlos joined HUB in 2016 after first being employed by the client company.

Carlos has multiple skills as he can work in production as well as in final inspection of goods. In the very beginning he started to work in production in operative work tasks and was rapidly promoted to a team leader. As a team leader he looked after operations and supported employees.   

In his current job as a supervisor work tasks got wider and more versatile. Besides supervision of work, supervisors handle a vast range of other duties.  

”Alongside daily management I do resourcing, work shift planning, staff development and look after occupational health and safety in our unit. I also do inventory calculations, respond to customer inquiries and react to sudden needs in production. I actively keep in touch with our client, and we have short meetings almost daily. All information related to work and production is based on our client’s information management system. It is essential that we all have up-to-date information available to ensure smooth workflow and production keeps running as scheduled.” Carlos describes his job.    

“It is absolutely the best to see my team succeed”

According to Carlos, one has to be precise and accurate when working in production. All elements and parts are carefully measured and final products will be inspected with client’s development engineers. 

 “All our employees can make quality controls. We have work rotation, which means that everyone does all possible tasks. We have orientation to work environment and we monitor that employees have all necessary skills to be able to perform their work tasks. Colleagues with more experience observe and assist if necessary.” Carlos tells.  

Work rotation brings variation and it helps organizing operative work flow. In HUB’s Tampere unit there are several employees with long careers in logistics and work rotation is one way to bring variation and interest to their work days.  

”It is great to see that my team is wellbeing and has great competent. It is very important, that employees enjoy what they do. Genuine interest towards working is one factor in building long careers within same branch or within the same company. When teams work together towards common goals, the work itself goes well. It is absolutely the best thing in my job to see my team succeed in daily work and in bigger projects.” Carlos summarises.  

Supervisory training gives boost management skills

Carlos has participated in HUB’s supervisory training, which was organized with Hyria education. Training took one year and it gives long-lasting skills and tips to succeed in supervisory work.  

“I had an opportunity to join HUB’s leadership-education with Hyria. It was very useful education on the whole. As a new supervisor I am learning new tasks and gaining new skills, and there is a lot to be learned still. I wouldn’t hesitate to enroll again if there is a chance to educate myself further. Self-improvement is highly important if you want to succeed and be better supervisor to your subordinates.” 



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