Erle Jaaska – HR-Specialist

Erle Jaaska HR Specialist

HR-specialist Erle Jaaska handles human resource-related tasks on a wide scale. She interprets collective agreements and labour laws and supports supervisors in their HR-related questions. She had the project management when new worktime management solution was set up.

From trainee to HR-coordinator

Erle Jaaska started to work at HUB logistics in 2014 as a trainee. She was studying financial management at the time and looking for an internship when she entered a local trade fair. Visit to HUB’s stand paid off and she got an internship.

– I started in HUB’s payroll administration, but my tasks widened to HR already during my internship. I was responsible for HR-issues in one of the HUB’s biggest units. Close cooperation with supervisors brought me lots of experience and knowledge for the future. I got to know the field of supervision and what are supervisor’s expectations and needs from HR-department.

Internship took one year and after graduating, Erle was given a permanent job as HR-assistant. She first answered for HR for one unit and later got promoted to HR-coordinator at group level.

– When I started to work at the group level, new worktime management system was in deployment phase. I was named to the project lead. Project lasted for a year and contained all system specifications, testing and deployment. Besides project lead, I worked closely with two units and substituted their supervisors: I made resource planning and wage adjustments in those units. At the same time, I supported other supervisors and site managers at the group level. Practical experience gave me insight how to interpret collective agreements and I gained knowledge how different units work.

Last four years Erle has been working as a HR-specialist. Her duties include for example development and follow up on HR- and pay processes and project management in HR-projects, like implementation of a personnel survey and deployment of a worktime management system.

–  My current work is interesting and nicely challenging. We have several collective agreements and it requires a lot of familiarization and studying to be able to interpret them correctly. Knowing calculation of salaries supports understanding of collective agreements and knowing human resources management supports everyday human resources work. I get to help and assist supervisors in very different issues.

Job description evolves as competence develops

Studying independently and participating in trainings has taken Erle forward on her career and enabled expanding her job description.

– All my work tasks have been in human resources or payroll administration, but my duties have widened during the years as I’ve gained more experience. I have studied independently alongside work using our online training service with Eduhouse. I have also participated in courses HUB has arranged, for example managerial trainings, HR-trainings and change management training. I also had a chance to use apprenticeship to complete specialist vocational degree in human resources, Erle tells.

Meaningful job, task rotation and good work atmosphere behind long careers

What makes work rewarding? Erle mentions meaningful and versatile work, control of your worktime and trust in employees being very valuable features.

– It is rewarding to get the feeling that you are doing something meaningful and important. HUB invests in digitalization and automation, and this shows also in human resources. We have new systems that help our supervisors work: some work tasks are automated and hence time is released to other daily tasks. I think that HR-department has a great role in developing and supporting supervisors work and resources they have.

Erle works closely with HR-manager. She gives praise to good teamwork and independent decision making. Besides good teamwork within HR-department, she emphasizes that communications and co-operation work fluently between different units throughout the corporation. Erle is not the only one that has a long career at HUB.

– We have an excellent team in human resources. We can share work tasks and we understand each other perfectly. Good teamwork and co-operation over the unit limits creates good work atmosphere and is one element behind long careers at HUB. People get along and enjoy working here. We help and support each other.

Employees at HUB encouraged to work rotation – you can try new things and apply from one job to another. Possibility for work rotation is something Erle supports.

– For me, it is important to get new challenges and variation to work. That keeps up your interest. I appreciate that HUB offers a chance to work rotation: employees can develop their skills and proceed in their careers. Eight years in human resources does not feel a long time, because I just simply love what I do, Erle summarizes her time at HUB.

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