Improving the efficiency of logistics with the HUB Agile model

logistiikan tehostaminen agile-mallin avulla

Our mission is to change logistics with new service innovations. Achieving this requires continuous active development work. During the current year, we at HUB have introduced an agile approach to take development projects forward. This approach follows the name HUB Agile.

Improving the efficiency of logistics with the help of a new “development engine” will support the operations of our units in addition to their own development measures. Each unit can request support from the HUB Agile team in all matters related to development. Agile literally means just that, and agility in development is an asset. In the longer term, the operating model as a whole supports the achievement of the goals of the Group, business operations and units.

HUB Agile’s operations are the responsibility of the undersigned, and the efficient team at this stage also includes development managers Teemu Hämäläinen and Mikko Heinilä, who have been very actively involved in the design of the operating model.

HUB Agile brings efficiency to the operation of the units

Units can handle development work and projects independently, and do not always necessarily need the support of HUB Agile. The HUB Agile team jumps in when the unit needs more resources and support for development work in a project management sense.

Every two weeks, the Agile team reviews new projects and evaluates their potential. Projects are valued on the basis of benefit and implemented starting from the most viable.  The Agile team takes responsibility for the projects undertaken and manages of their progress. The benefits of projects can be better measured when projects are clearly defined at the beginning and their progress is monitored.

​HUB Agile also supports the deployment of other common tools to be taken into use later this year. For example, we will improve workflow visibility with new visual and real-time reports and introduce daily management tools to units.

A concrete benefit for the units is also that the head of the unit is presented every other week with HUB Agile’s workload and the results obtained in the different units. The main goal is to share information about the development results of the various units. From time to time we review new solutions and equipment in use around the world that could be useful in HUB’s units.

The customer also benefits from HUB Agile

We are here for our customers. We genuinely want to develop and innovate our customers’ operations. With the help of the Agile team, we can implement projects decided in cooperation with the customer more systematically. Listening to the needs of our customers, brainstorming, starting projects and agility in carrying out the project are key. The team’s activities strengthen commitment to projects, setting goals and staying on schedule.

Continuous development brings added value to our customers. The Agile team streamlines and speeds up our own operations and brings transparency to customers through defined metrics and operating models. With the help of Agile operations, we are able to deepen customer cooperation by implementing joint development projects more quickly.

With the Agile model, the efficiency of logistics is reflected in better practices, more efficient work and better quality for the customer. We are able to serve our customers in a more agile and efficient way in both the short and long term.

The blog was written by Development Director Anssi Tura

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