Mikko Heinilä appointed as the new Head of Business – Heikki Mantsinen takes lead of warehousing

HUB logistics Head of business Mikko Heinilä

Mikko Heinilä has been appointed as the new Head of Business and a member of the executive team of HUB logistics. He is responsible for internal logistics and packaging services. He started in his new role in 14.2.2022.

Mikko Heinilä has a vast experience in internal logistics and production. Previously he has worked for Isku in project, quality and logistics management. He joined HUB logistics in 2020, when he took the responsibility of Development Manager in internal logistics.

– I am happy to take this new role. There is a huge potential in internal logistics to create competitiveness for Finnish companies. Understanding customer’s needs is the key to be able to create the best possible logistics solution for customers. I look forward to using my experience and knowledge and start making and implementing future plans together with our customers, says Mikko Heinilä.

– Mikko has a strong knowledge in logistics, warehousing and production. He has done excellent job leading our development projects in internal logistics. It is great to have Mikko in our business management and he will strengthen our executive team, CEO Joni Sundelin summarizes.

Heikki Mantsinen takes lead of warehousing services

Head of Business, Heikki Mantsinen is taking the lead of Warehousing services as current Head of Business Jouko Lehtonen will be heading to new challenges. Mantsinen takes the lead in 21.3.2022. He has worked for HUB since 2016 in several work tasks in internal logistics. Past two years he has worked as Head of Business in internal logistics.

Heikki Mantsinen liiketoimintajohtaja HUB logistics
Heikki Mantsinen

– This is a very interesting challenge, which I am happy to accept. Jouko Lehtonen has done excellent job developing warehousing services. There is a good starting point for me to continue. I am excited to take over warehousing and start co-operation with our customers, Heikki Mantsinen comments.

Congratulations Mikko and Heikki!

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