Packaging services in Riihimäki moved to new premises

HUB logistics puupakkauspalvelut

HUB logistics packaging services in Riihimäki has moved to new premises. Wood packaging services is now located in Kynttilätie 12, 11710 Riihimäki.

Wood packaging services in Riihimäki has now 1500 m2 more space. All together there is 3 900 m2 for production and warehousing. Decision to move to new premises was driven by the need to get a larger and more efficient production site.

HUB logistics packaging services in Riihimäki serves approximately 80 customers of all sizes in different industries. Wood packaging product catalogue consists of tailored wood packaging products, such as board boxes, crates, pallets and platforms. Site produces over 200 deliveries per months to clients.

Focus on process development and new technologies

Moving to new a new site enables developing processes and operations. Besides extra space and renewal of lay outs, HUB has improved production processes and deployed new equipment.

One new feature is a device, which removes sawdust from the premises. It absorbs sawdust into a container located outside of the building. This improves significantly air quality and helps to maintain demanded level of cleanliness in workspaces.

Warm inside air, which is absorbed outside along with dust, is returned back inside. Circulation of warm air lowers energy consumption required for heating. The quality of the returning air is observed with censors to be sure it meets all requirements.

Second new equipment is a sawmill, which automatically lifts heavy pallets to sawing. Sawmill’s programming enables production to handle large quantities of serial production as well as smaller orders more efficiently. Sawmill’s features bring efficiency to processes and increases work ergonomics by removing heavy lifting.

With recent changes in packaging services, HUB is able to produce larger quantities of products, meet our customer’s needs thoroughly and serve our customers better.

New address to packaging services:

HUB logistics Packaging Oy, Kynttilätie 12, 11710 Riihimäki

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