Summer job for twelve summer employees at Vimpeli logistics center

HUB logistics summer job

Logistics center at Vimpeli offered a summer job for 12 summer employees this summer. Emmi and Janika are working at HUB logistics for the second summer in a row. They were not familiar with logistics as a branch, but that did not stop them from applying. Emmi and Janika were born in Vimpeli and summer job at the local logistics center came across at the perfect time as they both were moving back to their birth town.  

All summer employees at HUB get an orientation to their work tasks and previous work experience in logistics is therefore not necessary. After orientation summer employees get to do same tasks as other warehousemen do. Emmi and Janika have learned to drive forklifts and gained a forklift card at HUB. Workdays include picking items and they drive with forklifts quite a lot.

”We mainly do picking and packing. Janika also does mailing. We have a work rotation between these workstations. Occasionally we do some shorter projects in other workstations as well. In the very beginning we had an orientation period and learned our work tasks. After that we started working independently. Basic work tasks can be learned quickly, but still there are some new things that need to be learned. It is easy to ask help from any of our colleagues if something seems unfamiliar.” tells Emmi.

“Training is very important when you start in a summer job. We were a bit nervous about driving a forklift, but it was actually easy and quick to learn. Our days are full of driving around in the warehouse and it is pretty fun.” Janika continues.

Valuable work experience and knowledge for the future

HUB logistics summer job
HUB’s summer empolyee Janika packing goods.

HUB was able to offer twelve summer jobs at Vimpeli logistics center. Most summer employees started working in May – June and continue working for couple of months more.

”I was not familiar with logistics when I started working at HUB and therefore summer job has challenged in a good way. I have gained knowledge in logistics by simply doing and during my two summer jobs I have learned quite a lot. In general, one gets valuable work experience via summer jobs.” Emmi summarises.

Occupational safety and continuous improvement play a big role in HUB’s work culture. Emmi and Janika have learned about safety at work in safety meetings, which are held regularly. Safety meeting is a forum in which occupational safety issues are discussed together with all employees. Emmi and Janika have been active in making continuous improvement notifications.

”It is great to see how anyone – also summer employees – can participate in improving HUB’s processes and raise issues that could be done better. We have made continuous improvement suggestions and those have been notified. It feels good be fully part of the working community, even if we are working for shorter, fixed-time.” Janika sums up her feelings.

Relaxed working atmosphere plays a key role in wellbeing at work

Emmi and Janika think that there is perfectly relaxed working atmosphere at Vimpeli logistics center. They both value good atmosphere and wellbeing at work. They would be happy to continue working for HUB in the future if possible.

”It can truly be fun at work. Even though we work individually and independently, we do not feel alone. There is always a colleague nearby. We laugh a lot at work. Actually, our workmates say that it’s quiet around here when we are not around.” Emmi and Janika laugh together.

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