Sustainability report for 2022 has been published

Vuoden 2022 vastuullisuusraportti HUB logistics

Our sustainability report for 2022 has just been published. At its best, sustainability is at the core of the company’s competitive advantage and strategy. At HUB, sustainability has been a part of everyday operations for more than a decade.

Attention to sustainability has taken off strongly from an environmental perspective, and environmental sustainabilitys includes both small and large actions. The environmental system ISO14001 and the quality system ISO9001 guide us to operate with high quality and sustainably.

A significant step in the field of environmental sustainability, which is already well under way, is the introduction of emissions calculation and the calculation of one’s own carbon footprint. In addition to environmental issues, we look at sustainability from the  economic and social point of view.

Adapting to changing situations

During the pandemic years, we got used to operating in continuous exceptional situations, and the year 2022 got a continuation of this, when Russia started a war of aggression against Ukraine. The war has a global impact on the availability of materials and supply chains. As a result of the war, the energy crisis and inflation caused worries in the economy and companies had to evaluate their energy efficiency with critical eyes.

The war forced companies to examine their own operations. We also evaluated our operations and took prompt measures in our purchases. We made the decision to stop ordering Russian sawn timber and moved to acquire domestic alternative material as a raw material for wood packaging production.

Sustainability as part of our strategy

The year 2022 was the first year of our renewed strategy. We were able to implement the strategy as planned and achieved the goals with all the most important metrics, of which the favorable development of customer and personnel satisfaction were our most important goals.

New customers, signed follow-up contracts, implemented development projects and new operating models are concrete indications of the success of the operations. In particular, I would highlight the significant progress achieved throughout the group in terms of responsibility and, for example, the 5S operating model and occupational safety.

The central part of our renewed strategy is the development of the organization. We invest in the development of our personnel’s skills and have prepared a career model, which allows us to recognize our staff’s eagerness to take on new tasks. We encourage our employees to expand their skills and develop themselves.

An eventful and successful year

Encounters between people are still extremely important. In honor of HUB’s 30-year journey, we organized a customer event and a 30-year celebration for our staff. It was great to be a part of both events and feel genuine joy and presence, which was strongly involved in both events. Face-to-face meetings with our customers and stakeholders, as well as between employees, are still important and meaningful – digitality cannot completely replace these.

As CEO, I am proud of HUB’s 30-year journey. We have done a lot of good things and invested in the right things. Over the past few years, I have been able to participate in large projects and develop functions holistically. Sustainability is one of these big themes that we have been working on and will continue to invest more and more in.

I would like to thank our employees as well as our customers and stakeholders for the eventful year 2022, and for the cooperation we have made. It has been great to celebrate the 30th anniversary of HUB logistics with you and to continue cooperating with responsible steps. You can read about our sustainability work in the sustainability report we publish annually.

Joni Sundelin

To the sustainability report (in Finnish) 


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