What is internal logistics?

Internal logistics is the management of material flows from the handling of incoming goods to the workstation and from there all the way to shipment.  

Term ”in-house logistics” refers to handling logistics at the customer company’s premises and in our internal logistics services, we become part of the customer company’s production at the customer company’s premises.

In practise, internal logistics includes recalling, receiving, collecting, warehousing and transfering. It is also picking, packing, loading and shipping. Internal logistics process includes resources and equipment as well as premises and information systems.

Information flow is essential part of internal logistics to ensure that goods and components move in a timely manner in the process and that your company’s employees can focus on successfully performing their own job.

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A comprehensive partner for internal logistics

Our internal logistics services cover recalling, receiving, collecting, packaging and shipping, as well as other procurement and material handling services. We take full control of the customer company’s material and information flows. We take care of the receipt, shelving, transfer, collection and packaging of your company’s materials flawlessly and promptly. We bring the necessary products and parts to the production line on time. We are responsible for ensuring that you have adequate resources in accordance with your production cycle.

We have expertise and experience in various internal logistics solutions and processes. We utilize only the best practices and operating models as well as modern technology and automation in our service solutions.

Smart logistics brings information to support management and production.

HUB logistics is a comprehensive partner for material flow management. We offer scalable service packages of high quality, which are built to support customers holistically. As our client, you will receive intelligent logistics and warehousing just for your needs. We handle all stages of your company’s logistics with high quality and efficiency.

We are ready to help your company with flexible and quality logistics services

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