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Juho Jokinen and Visa Laakso work as summer assistants in the Tampere unit of HUB logistics. Visa works at HUB for the second summer already. Last summer in packaging, this summer in the dispatch office and driving forklift. Juho, on the other hand, is at HUB for the first summer. He works in packaging, where the end products are packed for further loading. In addition, he gets to do final inspections on the products to ensure that they are flawless.

– This summer, I have worked in a dispatch office and as a forklift driver. We get information from the system about goods and products, what needs to be sent and where. We go to collect the products from the warehouse, attach labels and packing lists to the goods, after which they are loaded onto a truck or container for further transportation. In addition, we use forklifts to move the goods from the packaging to the warehouse to wait for collection and shipment, Visa describes his work at the dispatch office.

– We work in two shifts, i.e. morning and evening. Morning and evening weeks vary evenly. From a summer employee’s point of view, morning shifts are pretty nice, because there is plenty of free time in the evenings. The morning shifts start already at six, so there is plenty of time in the day to do your own things, says Juho.

– On the packaging side, we have different workstations where we rotate during the working day. The work is therefore slightly more varied than at the dispatch office. The tasks are entered in the shift list, but sometimes the tasks and schedules live, Juho continues.

How was the orientation and job guidance organized?

– Neither of us had prior experience in the logistics industry, but that was not an obstacle to applying for a job or getting summer jobs. We were given a good orientation at the beginning of the work, where we moved with a more experienced colleague while listening and observing. After about two weeks we were able to work independently. I also received guidance on how to use the forklift here at HUB, says Visa.

– On the packaging side, we work in pairs, where a more experienced employee is by our side. Few tasks are done completely alone. It’s actually quite good to have a work partner who you can ask for advice and tips, because new things come up here and there and we learn more all the time. Even small things like that, which I hadn’t noticed myself, but they affect the efficiency of the work. At first, everything was new and you could challenge yourself. It’s motivating when you learn and get positive feedback on your work, Juho continues.

Summer jobs at HUB logistics
Juho tells that summer employees were welcomed openly and equally.

How were the summer workers received?

– I myself have been at HUB for the second summer. From the beginning, everyone treated us well and have welcomed the summer workers well. It was nice to come another summer, when the gang grunts and greets. It was nice to meet old friends, says Visa.

– There is a tight working group here and the employees also see each other in their free time, which says a lot about the functionality of the work community. The summer employees were welcomed into this close-knit group, and I think that’s important. It gives a good feeling to come to work, adds Juho.

What has been the best thing about summer jobs?

– This unit in Tampere has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone enjoys each other’s company. The humor blossoms and the working days go smoothly, answers Visa.

– The atmosphere is really relaxed here and all employees are valued. Summer employees were welcomed openly and equally. It is not a given everywhere. Here we were given responsibility and trusted, we are given the opportunity to do everything and develop as employees. Also, giving constructive feedback and giving room to learn. HUB has been a nice and developing workplace, says Juho about the best aspects of summer work.

– I can’t think of anything bad to say about summer work at HUB. Yes, this is the best job I’ve had so far, Visa adds.

Summer jobs at HUB
Visa values practical work experience in operational tasks.

What lessons did you learn from the summer jobs?

After about three months of summer work break, it’s time for Visa and Juho to head back to university, Juho to study production management and Visa to study mechanical engineering. Both emphasize getting work experience as one of the best aspects of summer work.

– The work experience itself is already important when thinking about the future. Practical work experience in operational tasks is valuable. The fact that you have done practical work will serve you in the future, for example, in expert positions, says Visa.

– It’s good to see and try different jobs. Interaction skills and teamwork skills develop naturally while working. These skills are important and valuable skills, at least for me. These will certainly be useful in the future, Juho enumerates.


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